Welcome to Georgie's Not Enough Garden

Welcome To Georgie's Not Enough Garden!

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Potting Shed - Built by our friend Ben Crane in about 2004, this little shed houses the garden tractor and a potting room, the later having been taken over by three cats: Sophie, Schuster and Sid Vicious.  It's also the new home of Georgie's mom Celia's rose bush. Plants across the front from left to right are clematis, deutzia, nepeta, blueberry, anthony waterer spirea, burgundy barberry, little princess spirea and pink peony.









Vegetable Garden - This garden is behind the garage and has been our vegetable garden for years.  But it doesn't seem to get enough sun, so Georgie wants to start a new one - not lose this one, mind you - just start a new one.  This year we're growing leeks, lettuce, potatoes, eggplant, green peppers, green beans, basil and tomatoes.



















Squash Garden - This garden is a joint venture with our neighbors Dave and Betty Scott.  Its located behind the horse paddock and is filled with winter squash, pumpkins and decorative gourds.  No water out here, so you get what nature gives you.










Grape Arbor - You would think that by virtue of living in the Finger Lakes, we should automatically be able to grow lots of grapes.  Not so - Mark has replanted grapes several times, only to find no grapes on the arbor, but bunches of wild grapes growing only a few feet away.  So the Grape Arbor is now in a state of frustrated neglect, which, after several years, now seems to be producing lots of grapes.  Question is, can we get them before the crows.
















Pet Garden - This is where everybody ends up at the end and probably where we'll end up too.  Its planted with Day Lilies and is a cool shady spot even on the hottest days. Unfortunately, the two box elder trees are dying and will have to come out soon.




Sunshine Garden - Georgie needed more room for vegetables, so in 2008, she enlisted Dave Scott to help till this new garden.  It has 24 tomato plants, zuccini, peppers, kale, eggplant and basil.


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Perennial Garden

The perennial garden is on the site of an old garage that was here when Georgie bought the place in 1977.  The old foundation was taken apart in 2006 and rebuilt into a beautiful garden wall by Interlaken stone mason Bob Eller.



















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